how it works

With outsourced contact center services you can scale your organisation quickly, easily and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff.

Outsourcing Magento, Wordpress, PHP, and SEO

You provide us
with a job description

( just tell us what you need )

Outsource Philippines offshore staff leasing

We recruit
talented professionals

( only the best. quality assured )

Outsource Philippines offshore staff leasing

Your dedicated staff
report to you daily

( full time from our offices in Manila )

Outsource Quality Assured Philippines

We manage
the office operations

( and ensure quality standards )

the outsourcing
destination of choice

The Philippines was named three times as the Offshoring Destination
of the Year by the UK body of National Outsourcing Association.

Mike Larcher

Founder & CEO

contact center services

Our Contact Center provides both Outsourcing Call Center services (incoming and outgoing voice) and Data Contact services (e-mail, social media and instant message).

Customer Acquisition
Acquiring new customers cost-efficiently, and building strong customer relationships as a basis for future interactions.

Customer Retention
Preventing defection and maximizing the lifetime of a customer.

Customer Service
Customer experience specialists trained to support best-in- class product, service, and brand experiences for our client’s customers.

Technical Support
Tiered support models, from the simplest to more complex support scenarios.

Cross and Up Selling
Building relationships and identifying customer needs during any type of interaction, and taking appropriate action to satisfy the customer’s need.

Credit Management Services
Early collections, contingent collections, and legal collections.