Outsource Task Tips: What you should be outsourcing

October 14, 2016

Outsourcing, although not an unfamiliar term in the entrepreneurial sphere, it’s still a fickle to deal with. As a small business owner, outsourcing is your ticket to expanding your team without compromising your company profits. However what can be difficult to most is knowing which jobs are suited as an outsource task and which is better for someone you can interact with face-to-face everyday. When attempting to discern this, consider the skills required for the jobs you currently handle and what has the least skills needed, yet takes up a ridiculous amount of your time. It’s usually this tasks that can be offloaded for a small, yet worthwhile price.

outsource task

Still stuck? Here are some of Outsourced’s tips on what to outsource to free up your time and increase your productivity:

Outsource Task #1: Social media

Whilst you can be particular on how to word your tweets or which filter you want to use for your Instagram posts, delegating this task to someone else frees up a lot of time. To save even more time, task the same person with writing your blog posts and manage your publication deadlines.

Outsource Task #2: Customer Service

Once you have clear company guidelines in place, there’s no reason why you need to be the first POC. Outsource this job to someone with strong personal and communication skills to handle the brunt of the calls, and allocate yourself to manage serious customer matters only.

Outsource Task #3: Book Keeping / Account Management

Cashflow and the intricate finances of your business is probably something you would want to keep an close eye on. However you can still outsource invoicing, book keeping and other general management tasks to help keep your paper work neat and in order. But remember to schedule regular check-ins to review the accounts yourself. Having instant access to the bookkeeping account would be ideal.

Outsource Task #4: IT Support

Updating and maintaining software AND hardware systems requires a significant amount of time and money. By delegating this particular job to a third party outsourcer, it means they’re responsible for being technologically up to date. Time differences between your offshore outsourcing company can be used to your advantage, as their office hours may be after business in your part of the world, which means round the clock IT care.

Outsource Task #5: Production or Labour

An initial problem usually faced when in the early days of a company is that you have more business than manpower. If your resources are already stretched thin and you are offered a new client, you risk not being able to meet the requirements that your customer is expecting or over-burdening your employees. In this scenario, you can outsource jobs on a contractual basis, allowing you to continue to expand your business without compromising quality or the wellbeing of your employees. Tip: Ensure you stipulate everything in your contract agreement, including the quality of work expected, salary and deadlines. Consider getting a legal advisor to assist you with this.


This is only just some of many tasks that can be outsourced. Remember that you’re not necessarily sacrificing quality. By looking in the right places, you can get qualified degree holders who can deliver to an exceptional standard. If you’re not convinced that outsourcing is a reliable business process, be sure to read this article.

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IT BPM Industry Future and Growth

About IT BPM:

The Philippines’ IT BPM industry, or Information Technology and Business Process Management, has been one of the best employment and performance rates within the past 4 years. Since 2010, the IT BPM industry in the Philippines has overtaken India’s long standing position in voice-based services, making the country the number one provider for such work in the global economy. In addition to this, several non-voice and complex BPO services such as healthcare information management, animation and software development are gaining prominence. Estimated to be at the same level as the IT BPM industry figures, it’s not long before the Phillipines becomes the leading outsourcing country across all areas.

it bpm industry

The global foundation of their IT BPM success is largely attributed to the strong and diverse skills of the workforce. Filipinos hold a competitive advantage in English communication skills, strong customer service etiquette and Western culture familiarity. This alone breaks the destructive offshoring  stigma which deters many companies away in fear of tainting their brand name. Coupled with the Filipino’s hard work, openness to learning and friendly demeanor, these advantages provide investors with a strong homeland advantage once they set up shop.

Due to its positive influence on it’s global image, the Philippine government provides the IT BPM industry with dedicated funding to ensure that the sector continues to expand, making it one of the most supported sectors within the Philippines. Former President Benigno Aquino III praised the industry’s successful impact on the economy during the International IT-BPM Summit last year, and reiterated the government’s continued support, with recently elected President  Rodrigo Duterte sustaining this within his government according to Inquirer.net.

Hitting 2016’s revenue target of $25B

As of late, the IT BPM indsutry of the Philippines is on track to meet it’s goal of $25 billion in revenue and 1.3 jobs generated by the end of 2016. According to the Manila Times, Chairman of the executive committee of the IT and Business Process Benedict Hernandez, the industry has provided a “7 percent to 7.5 percent of the Philippines’ gross domestic product for the year” and were on successful track to meeting their goals.

“As far as the roadmap 2016 goals, which we actually set out five and a half years ago, we’re on goal and on target,” he said during the opening of the first Philippine IT BPM office of US-based Affiinion Group last week.

We were successful in diversifying the industry and its businesses over the last couple of years of where are clients are coming from, and we also manage to broaden the types of services and capabilities that the Philippines is known for. he added.

This increase has been steadily impressive, with numbers almost doubling since 2012’s figures sitting at $13.2 billion.

Prediction for 2010 revenue target of $48B

With targets well on it’s way to being met, the industry is now facing it’s next 4-year plan, with goals to grow by 18 percent yearly to meet a $48 billion figure by 2020, says Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo. However, whilst this forecast is achievable, it was already a stretch target for the local IT BPM industry.

“The problem is, as the base grows, the tendency is for the growth to slow down a little bit,” Domingo explains.

To help achieve these targets, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has sought anew for more support from the government to address a number of issues affecting the sector. IBPAP chair Danilo Sebastian L. Reyes also citied during the recent International IT BPM Summit the need to develop the talent pool in the country to accommodate for the growing global outsourcing market. Scholarship funding will attract more high school graduates into the sector and support the IT BPM indsutry further.

Meanwhile, plans are currently in motion to evaluate the current roadmap to help improve to not only ensure this goal is met, but improve the Philippines’ global brand. Manila currently has a well established repertoire, being the world’s second leading outsourcing destination. With the 2020 projected revenue, the Philippines would account for 19 percent of the $250-billion outsourcing industry, states Thonlons principal Vikrant Khanna.

“The advantage of scale, talent, and cost would propel the Philippines to be an attractive location and retain global leadership,” Khanna said.

– –

Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc. is a leading IT outsource philippines company that continues to dominate the IT BPM industry market. We provide a dedicated offshore staff that provides high quality outsourced IT services for businesses worldwide. As one of the top IT outsourced philippines experts today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote workers who are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information on how to get started, contact us today.

Outsourced Development: The value for small and large businesses

June 28, 2016

Starting a venture and developing your product or service requires working quickly and efficiently. You need to ensure your start up offers value in terms of innovation, quality and convenience, even though you have limited resources and may be racing against the competition to be first to market. Anyone who is attempting, has attempted and failed or attempted and succeeded will know this is no easy feat – as a small business owner, you have to be an accountant, advisor, manager, event planner and PR coordinator rolled into one. With each hosting similarly important jobs, it doesn’t take long to be muddled on the playing field. This is where outsourced development comes in – if you’re the quarterback, then your remote workers  is your supportive halfback ready to be passed the ball.

remote workers

Outsourced Development

It can help even the smallest of businesses take off

Pixc provides e-commerce stores with on demand product images editing services, where product images are touched up and given a nice layer of professionalism. Founder Holly Cardew utilised outsourced development,  by deciding to hire a remote staff  to more than 200 people in 12 different countries over the last few years. This has ranged from web development, to graphic design, to media relations and content writing from people stationed at Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia and much more. To her, it’s put value into her business especially during its early days.

“I had done no book-keeping for six months and taxes were due. I decided to try out  Philippines outsourcing,  looking for someone to work 8 – 10 hours per day for the next three days to do my accounts,” she said.

“Now, I still have the same book-keeper based in the Philippines, where I’ve set up an Gmail account for them and forward all my receipts to that. It was definitely worth it.”

Outsourced development provides a catalyst for change in larger businesses

“Large  companies aren’t very good at change,” says  Jane Linder, senior research fellow and associate director of Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Whether it’s changing their business model or implementing innovations, it’s hard work and people don’t get everything they expect.

It’s for this reason that new start ups have the ability to usurp well established companies with a well valued business model that history that dates back a while. Being able to uproot foundations placed ages ago is much harder to do than a new business with an abundance of wiggle room.  To combat this, come forward thinking executives are beginning  to use offshoring methods such as outsourcing Philippines services as a change-management tool to drive major, enterprise-level transformation, such as a shift in competitive position or a major increase in market share or stock price.  Transformational  offshore development  can work since it goes outside for the critical missing piece, drawing on expertise from  a business process outsourcing  company that can hit the ground running.

This can be seen as a faster and more effective strategy than others, such as reengineering or rebranding, explains Linder: “Companies have tended to use mergers and acquisitions to get themselves into new industries and change the boundaries of what they were doing. That’s a very blunt instrument – and hard to do right.  With companies that offer bpo solutions,  you get a finer point on your pencil.

Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc. is a leading IT outsource philippines company that continues to dominate  the IT bpo Philippines market. We provide a dedicated offshore staff that provides high quality outsourced IT services  for businesses worldwide. As  one of the top IT outsourced philippines experts today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote workers who are sure to exceed your expectations.    For more information on how to get started,  contact us  today.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Offshore Development

May 27, 2016

In this day where everyone seems to be ever present in the digital world, any successful company will have a strong website to represent them online. For this reason, it’s essential that businesses have a professional IT team under their belt to help build, manage and maintain their website. As an executive, you’re faced with the ultimate decision: invest in your own IT department, or save time and money  by finding an it outsourcing company to that can maintain and manage your IT requirements.  It  has become a prominent business tactic when addressing cost reduction and improving company revenue and progress,  and it’s very easy to see why given the many benefits of IT outsourcing.

offshore development

benefits of it outsourcing

But first… what is Outsourcing?

To put it simply, outsourcing is the practice or offloading or reassigning your company’s business processes to an external source.  This means that instead of hiring someone directly into your company, you look at individual freelancers or a business outsourcing company  designed to reassign your tasks to teams or individuals using their own talent pool.  This can be an extremely useful strategy as it puts immense pressure off you by skipping the time consuming recruitment stage and allowing a credible outsourcing company, agent or freelancer to immediately take care of your work. Because of this, it’s not an uncommon thing to see within the IT outsourcing sector, as quite often companies only need technical experts to handle temporary projects such as website building and occasional maintenance instead of 24/7 department on hand.

So what are the benefits of IT Outsourcing?

 Outsourcing your IT functions is cost effective

One of the first selling points with regards to  IT  offshore development  is that it has proved  to be highly cost effective, especially when looking at  companies that offer outsourced it services.  The Philippines in particular is renowned for being an outsourcing company hub due to their low minimum wage, but also their advanced English proficiency, work ethic and Americanised culture, which helps establish easy business relationships. You also only have to pay your offshore staff/individuals for the time they spend on any project, instead of an in-house employee where you require to provide a fixed salary regardless if there’s any major work to be done.

You get access to the latest technology

If you were to have an in-house IT department, you would have to invest in infrastructure and equipment that can take out a generous chunk of the capital expenditure. Furthermore, keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos is almost impossible these days if you don’t want to break the bank – upgrades after updates happen almost yearly and for the budget of a small to mid-sized company, it’s a highly unlikely reality to even think about. However by outsourcing it services to a third party company you partner with is responsible for these expenses and holds the duty of being up to date for the benefit of their clients. And you can sit back and reap the rewards.

Save time and reduce distractions

As a managing director or executive, you already have a lot on your plate and the last thing you want to do is waste time attempting to cover IT jobs yourself or find an in-house expert to help you out. Outsourcing companies are designed to help you out from the very beginning – all you have to do is tell them exactly what needs to be done and they will scout however many people you need who hold the right qualifications and expertise to join you on the ASAP. By allowing them to handle this time consumed task, you can focus on your actual job instead and make a difference in areas you’re specialised in.

Minimum liability

This is probably the most under rated from the list of benefits of IT outsourcing. By partnering with a business process outsourcing  company  means you have no direct liability over the employees at the company you’re hiring from. If you aren’t satisfied with those who are working on your project, you can easily request a replacement who are a better match without any consequences. This is much different to hiring directly within your company, where letting go of someone quickly isn’t so easy if you don’t have a pressing or serious reason.




Outsourced Quality Assured Inc. is a leading Philippines  outsourcing  company that offers a highly qualified remote staff  and bpo solutions that specialises in IT bpo services. As one of the leading outsourcing company  in the IT BPO Philippines industry, we assure our clients of exceptional and high quality offshore work  and  services. For more information on how to get started with us, contact us today!  



IT BPO services in the Philippines shines brighter in 2016

March 9, 2016

The BPO services market has not always been a fast growing market. The first offshore call centre was set up in 1992, however it was only in the past 10 years that saw the rapid growth within the industry as plane travel and online communication tools advancements sped up to suit overseas outsourcing.

Outsourcing IT

BPO Services

Among countries known for housing outsourced centres, it is the Philippines that have caught the attention of companies all over the world as a resourceful and valuable hub of high quality  and affordable offshore staff.  Globally dubbed as the world’s BPO solutions capital, the Philippines displays a number of characteristics beyond the cheap labour costs that make the country shine above the rest, and an attractive preference for multinational companies looking at BPO services.

Highest English-proficiency in the SEA

The Philippines is renowned for a highly westernised culture. With this naturally comes an advanced proficiency in written and spoken English, with a staggering 95% literacy rate, making it the third largest English-speaking country in the world. However what wins over global companies is their clear adopted American accent, which overcomes a significant language barrier and social stigma that foreign outsourcing presents, something that is hugely advantageous over its neighbours in the South East Asian region. This makes this particular country an attractive location for remote  staff  and outsourcing IT services.

Success-driven workers attract global as well as start up companies

Alongside the skill, there has been a shift in mindset amongst the young Filipino workers. Traditionally, BPO services were limited to high-volume yet low priced work which was more than satisfactory if it meant making ends meet. However today, workers these days  breaking into the IT outsourcing industry come from a new creative and entrepreneurial generation, seeking a deeper connection with innovation-driven and mission focused companies. This is significant news, especially for start ups looking to build their company from the ground up without breaking the bank. Filipino workers are proving themselves to be valuable partners in the growing tech industry, something that start-ups are beginning to notice when looking for a  business process outsourcing company.

Philippines is a fertile testing group for products and services

Given the Philippines’ unique strengths, specifically in BPO outsourced it services, product and QA managers and found that it was relatively easy to use the Philippines as a testing ground to deploy and iterate new applications and products without any communication barriers. This is especially helpful when catering for the wider South East Asia market as the Philippines share a common ethnicity to its surrounding neighbours without the cultural barriers between them and the Western world.

Outsourced Quality Assured Inc. is a leading Philippines  outsourcing  company that offers remote staff and offshore outsourcing IT services.  As one of the leading outsourcing company in the IT BPO Philippines industry, we assure our clients of exceptional and high quality offshore staffing solutions and  services. For more information on how to get started with us, contact us today!  

Business Outsourcing Sector in Philippines Exceeds 2015 Targets

March 3, 2016

As business outsourcing continues to grow, the significant changes that this growth presented dominated 2015, particularly within the Philippines. It’s common knowledge that BPO services have become almost an unofficial trademark of the Philippines, with more and more global brands turning to employing Philippine offshore work staff, resulting in over a million employees and generating revenues of $22 billion.

offshore work

business outsourcing

“The BPO industry continues to be the forefront of our economy,” Danilo Sebastian Reyes, chairman of IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), stated at a conference in Manila earlier this year in February.

“In 2015, we breached our target revenue of $21 billion. We registered almost $22 million in revenue and almost 1.1 million direct employment.”

This successful business outsourcing explosion has come from a number a different factors, from a large supply of English-speaking college graduates, to the strong US dollar to Pesos rates and an overwhelming support from the government. This has ultimately helped the Philippines overtake India within this industry, who are well known for their consistent dominance within the  business process outsourcing  (BPO) sector. According to Reyes, Philippines is determined to allow their rise in ranks to only continue to grow, with a new revision of the 2022 revenue and employment projection underway.

“We’re already close to reaching our 2016 revenue target of $25 billion and employment of 1.3 million workers. Given this, we’re now setting new and bigger targets for 2022, to be announced sometime this August.”

It’s currently the hope of Reyes and the Philippines government to shape the country and provide more opportunities for citizens to enter into the IT  outsourcing  sector. Addressing hindrances to its future growth targets such as education, power supply and infrastructure is said to be part of their plan to help both the citizens of the Philippines and the goal to be a leading BPO provider.

“Being able to get that quality talent is still the challenge – as demand increases, we also need to match that will skilled and unique talents. To address this, we have partnered with CHED (Commission on Higher Education) to provide a service management program being offered in 17 state universities,” he said.

Outsourced is a leading IT outsourcing company that provides a  dedicated remote staff that offers high quality BPO solutions and outsourced it services for businesses worldwide. Our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore staff that is sure to exceed your expectations.  For more information on how to get started with Outsourced,  contact us  today.

Best Philippines Business Process Outsourcing Services Provider

February 17, 2016

outsourcing company

outsourced it services

Outsourced is a leading IT Outsourcing company and business outsourcing  provider in the Philippines that is known to provide a dedicated remote staff  of the highest standards. Outsourced has provided staffing services to some of the worlds leading organisations and brands.

Outsourced was created due to the lack of offshore staffing and bpo services that were able to meet quality standards. From day one, the mission of Outsourced has been to deliver the highest quality staffing solutions. We invest more in the best recruiters, facilities, technology and equipment, and our large talented on-site support team ensures the operations are run efficiently and follow best practices.

We only source the most talented individuals and rigorously test and qualify them before placement. We work closely with our clients and their dedicated staff ongoing to ensure the best performance and total client satisfaction is delivered.

The Outsourced spacious open plan offices are supported by advanced network infrastructure, fast internet, and follow best IT practices. All staff are provided spacious desks, comfortable chairs, the latest high spec hardware and dual screen monitors.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of staff retention, which we maintain by providing a great working environment and culture. We hold regular team events and incentives and reward staff for great performance and long-term commitment. Our mission is to help our clients build successful and profitable businesses. Our team is driven by a passion for being exceptional and providing an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Outsourced recently won the “Best Business Process Outsourcing Services Provider at the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence.

So why not contact us now and let us assist your business by starting and growing your exceptional offshore team here in the Philippines with Outsourced.


Outsourced is a leading IT Outsourcing  company that provides a  professional and dedicated offshore staff while offering high quality outsourced it services and bpo solutions  companies  worldwide. Our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore professionals who are sure to exceed your expectations.  

IT Outsourcing Industry Experiencing Revenue Boom

September 23, 2015


With the information technology-business process management (IT-BPM) industry growing rapidly, it’s no surprise that it a $48 billion revenue is expected by 2020, making the  IT outsourcing sector the biggest earner within the Philippines.

“This projected revenue has led to the Philippines officially accounting for 19% of the $250-billion global business outsourcing industry, says Vikrant Khanna, principal of strategic consulting firm Tholons.

This number has been on a constant uphill, with the Philippines  outsourcing IT  industry growing 12 times its original revenue number since 2004. This has been a significant comparison to the overall global industry, which grow only 5 times the amount within the same time period with 2008 alone displaying the Philippines surpassed India as the world leader in business processing outsourcing (BPO).

“The advantage of scale, talent, and cost would propel the Philippines to be an attractive location and retain global leadership,” Khanna said.

Outsourcing to overseas countries has been a growing business strategy to cut operational costs. However the Philippines has been a continuous trusted destination for  offshore work,  with Manila currently the global market leader for BPO solutions  and services.  It’s vast educated talent pool within the industry of outsourced it services;  the prominent westernised culture as well as extensive English proficiency has allowed the Philippines to be an attractive place to hire  remote staff  professionals, with world-class company names such as Accenture, Hewlett Packard, Telstra and Jetstar being among these companies.

Aside from this revenue growth rate, the employee count is expected to rise. The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) spoke during last year’s International IT-BPM Summit at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City on October 13, stating that there were a total of 1.3 million employees within the  outsourcing it services  industry.  Department of Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo stated that this number would only double over the next 5 years, and advised other sectors to start building their own 5-year plan.

“Individual sectors like call centres, non-voice business processing, health care information management and IT creatives such as animation and game development companies should start coming up with their own game plans and firm targets over the next 5 years says Montejo.

Not only is the employment rate beneficial for the overall quality of life within the Philippines, but also it could potentially jumpstart the economic growth within the country. As a newly industrialised country, it’s transition from agriculture specialisation to services and manufacturing has led to its market emerging on a global scale, becoming one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. It’s domination of the IT  bpo services  sector is widely recognised as a gateway to it’s economic improvement, with the Philippine government strongly supporting this, introducing the Philippine Development plan which singled out BPO as a high-potential and priority development area for investment. In addition, the government also funds a number of training programs such as the Training for Work Scholarship Program in order to entice a competitive and more driven workforce.

Outsourced Quality Assured Inc. is a leading It Outsourcing Company that provides a  dedicated offshore staff while offering high quality It services to clients worldwide.  For more information on how to get started with Outsourced,contact us  today.

Choosing the right Outsourced staff: A guide

August 20, 2015

Choosing the right remote staff  can be one of the most difficult tasks that organisations need to face. Business owners need to be considerably careful when outsourcing it services  as if the wrong staff is hired, it can be detrimental too your company, especially when customer dissatisfaction is a result. This is why Outsourced exists – we make sure that we filter the right candidates for you using a strict guideline to ensure that only the most qualified professionals are recorded on our database. Still doubtful? Ease your mind by reading some of our main criteria check points when it comes to selecting your staff.

Outsourcing Services

Ensuring good communication and client  management practices  

Finding an outsourced employee who can understand your language and have minimal cultural barriers with you can maximise business flow and strengthen your corporate relationship bond. The Philippines is renowned for their high proficiency levels in English and their work ethic, making this country the perfect Business Process Outsourcing destination. All our staff saved on our database have been checked accordingly to guarantee that their English levels meet our minimum standard requirement to make sure they are all perfect candidates.

Certify certifications and qualifications  

As a leading outsourcing company in the Philippines,  we understand that you would like to maintain a consistent theme across all your employees and make sure you are working with people who possess official qualifications within the relevant industry. To assist you with this, we ask all potential staff to produce proof of university degrees or qualifications that can display their certified levels of knowledge to be competent in working within a major global company.

Ask for references and work samples  

It goes without saying that there is more to an employee than just having the right degree – they need to be able to prove that they are a respectable person to work with. Upon applying to be placed in our database, we make sure that our potential candidates have passed our quality test. We request for references from previous employees or work samples to legitimise their work ethic and quality. By doing so, we can maintain a professional decorum and give the assurance to you as our client that the offshore work we offer to you is of the highest standard.

Guaranteed  reliability  

One reasonable disadvantage of outsourcing some of the jobs within the company is not physically being able to walk up to them and ask how their end is going for a major project with a strict deadline. Therefore it’s imperative that the  bpo services you signed up for is reliable when it comes to their work ethic  and can generally work with minimal supervision on your part. You’ll want to be able to delegate tasks to your staff overseas and expect have it completed by the agreed deadline so you can focus on your own job responsibilities. Outsourced takes this into consideration and makes sure that the staff saved on our database have a positive streak of reliability and a positive work ethic.

outsourced staff

Outsourcing Web Development Front Liners Philippines Team


With Outsourced, we match staff on our database system who are currently looking to be hired with your needs that you present to us – if we don’t have anyone that matches your job description, we start the recruitment process tailored to your specific offshore staff  requirements. We panel access, test and verify the quality of staff before placement with any client using a basic criteria as mentioned above. We also take the liberty of handling all the relevant paperwork and provide all the best equipment and facilities as well as Human Resource Management to ensure quality assurance and staff retention.

All Outsourced staff work daily from our fully serviced office in Manila. They work during your business hours and are effectively an extension of your local team. You have direct access to your staff through phone, Skype or email and you define the standards by which they work and the systems and processes they should follow.

Outsourced is apart of a growing business trend of offshoring staff to remote areas in order to cut operation costs, something that many global business giants are now turning to. The Philippines is proud to house some of the most talented and proficient professionals within in the South-East Asia region and you have the opportunity to hire than full time to work directly with your business. For more information on how to get started with Outsourced, contact us today.


Outsourced is an Outsourcing and Bpo Philippines company that offers high quality outsourced IT services and provides a highly professional offshore staff for businesses worldwide. As  one of the leading IT Bpo Solutions expert today, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff   who are sure to exceed your expectations.

Business lowdown: The popular outsourced jobs

Over the past recent years, business outsourcing  has become a global business phenomenon. Companies from small boutiques to big brands have turned to  offshore work  in a bid to cut operation costs resulting in an increase profitability and more customer intake. The South-East Asia region is the most involved in the  offshore development  boom – with English being taught as a compulsory secondary language, cultural barriers are becoming less and less distinct and working alongside foreign workers is not the most impossible thing to achieve anymore. For those overseas, the chance to work with global corporations can only mean an economical improvement. For those already living in the company’s original geographical area, it could mean potentially being made redundant. Either way, here are the most popular jobs on the market that is likely to be outsourced.

offshore jobs


1. Computer Programming and IT jobs

Outsourcing IT has the most  in-demand remote staff out of the rest. According to statistics released by Bureau of Labor, computer programming is the number one job that is most likely to be outsourced to SEA countries such as India and the Philippines, where competitive software developers, computer programmers and IT analysts are more than happy to charge 1/10th of the labor cost of the average Australian/American wage. There is also usually little time difference involved, meaning that working alongside overseas counterparts has next to no difficulty with the power of the Internet and video streaming such as Skype. Business giants such as Microsoft, Dell and IBM have opened up  Indian and Philippines Outsourcing  operations and have reported at least 40% reduction in cost and a relatively good quality output.


2. Phone/Customer Support

Maintenance support jobs are slowly being outsourced overseas for a number of different reasons. Not only does it cut operation costs, but it also takes advantage of the time difference – companies can now offer 24 hour customer service by not only having local phone support available, but having offshore lines open for outside of normal business hours. This can shine a positive light to the company itself as it will most likely increase customer satisfaction who don’t need to wait until 9am the next morning to take to a specialist. The Philippines is the number one country for  bpo services  related to phone support. This is  due to their stellar proficiency in English. They have now become the third largest English speaking country behind the US and UK which means a next to none language barrier frustration.


3. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Aside from Call Centres, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the most common job functions for outsourcing. BPO’s are used for mundane business functions such as filling up health care paper work accounting transaction and other miscellaneous tasks that don’t necessarily require a localised employee to complete. By  utilising an  offshore staff,  these job roles help cut company cost  significantly without a huge sacrificial loss.


4. Drafters

The best laid plans often need someone to draw them up so they can be put into action, which is what drafters are hired to do. Architects, scientists and engineers all need the help of professional drafters who draw up detailed plans for projects using specifications and sketches of the original idea, utilising the knowledge of manufacturing and engineering. It’s an essential job, but it’s one that can be easily outsourced as long as there is appropriate communication strategies implemented.


5. Human Resources

Human Resources Management is the sector within an organisation that focuses on the recruitment of, management of and providing director for the staff of the company. They ultimately deal with issues such as compensation, performance management, organisation development, employee wellbeing, communication and administration.    Although it seems like a job that will best fit someone who is physically there within the company building, it can be difficult for a small corporation in terms of difficulty and cost to handle firing, firing, payroll, benefits packages and all other tasks that HRM is responsible for. For this reason, many start up companies outsource HR tasks to offshore staff where production costs are low but possess the capabilities and qualifications to manage these important functions.


6. Tax Preparers

This is another popular outsourced job that does not necessarily require a face to face interaction. The only requirements that this jobs needs to be completed is comprehensive information on the client’s financial information and in-depth knowledge on applicable tax laws in that specific country. Although governments are now making companies to let their customers know if their tax is being complete overseas in an effort to keep the job in the country, the attempt seems futile as more companies are offshoring tax preparers.


7. Writers

Media publications have now been in a steady decline over the years from a loss in advertising revenue due to the fact that people are now resorting to the Internet to get their daily dose of business, entertainment and sports news. In order to cut costs and minimise financial hits, newspapers and magazines are now relying heavily on writers from overseas to produce high quality content for the fraction of the cost.  This can also include outsourced jobs involving writing up company reports, blog posts, SEO content and even movie scripts.


8. Personal Assistants

Although CEOs within large corporations may need someone in the flesh to help them with their day to day tasks, small start-up business owners may not be able to afford such a luxury. However this is combatted by turning to virtual assistants that can offer their services online, which is most beneficial during the early days of company launch, where phone calls and emails from potential clients are expected. With their help, business owners can relieve an entire workload off their hands and focus on building up the company instead of answering emails, scheduling flights and hotels and collating mundane paperwork.


9. Graphic Designers

The fundamental element of graphic design is that usually it does not involve customer interaction so the worry about language barriers is non existent. Many companies are looking at offshore staff with the same creative flair to complete graphic design work for their company for a fraction of the local wage cost. Tasks like upgrading your brand logo, designing your website, creating marketing materials and more can be completed by off-site staff easily and harmoniously when solid communication is involved.


10. Research and Development  

Global company giants are taking advantage of the highly skilled professionals overseas to do their research in English-emerging countries such as the Philippines to reduce operation costs. In 2012, Microsoft spent $100 million to build a research centre in cChine which employed 1,500 staff with more companies following this outsourced jobs strategy.

Outsourced is an IT Outsourcing and BPO solutions company that offers high quality outsourced IT services and provides a highly professional offshore staff  for businesses worldwide. As  one of the leading IT Bpo Philippines company, our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff   who are sure to exceed your expectations.  For more information on how to take advantage of the benefits of it outsourcing  with Outsourced,  contact us  today.

Your Ultimate Guide: SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines

July 1, 2015

Our team at Outsourced understands that you may have questions regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) outsourcing processes and what it entails, especially if you are a first time business owner. So we have provided you an ultimate guide when it comes SEO outsourcing, aiming to answer any question and eliminate any confusion.

As a prospective business owner, it’s natural to try and shoulder all the responsibility when it comes to running your business, especially when it comes SEO services. It seems simple enough, there’s no hassle in trying to find someone to employ and what better person is more reliable than you? However managing your virtual presence is ideally a full-time role and it’s advisable to consider paying someone else to offload this work to so you can focus on running the actual company. This can be a daunting experience, but it’s a necessary step. We exist in a fast-faced digitised environment and it’s important that you have staff dedicated specifically to this area of your company.

IT Outsourcing




SEO Evolves too fast to manage it yourself.

Google updates SEO algorithms almost 10 times a week, meaning your website needs to be updated and maintained regularly and posting online content needs to be a continual habit. This is virtually impossible to do if you have other major responsibilities as CEO  you have overall strategy and maintenance to worry about. It’s better to employ someone who specialises in online marketing and optimisation so your company can uphold premium performance and results with your online presence.

High quality is needed for SEO

SEO is an Internet marketing strategy, where it considers how search engines work, what people search for and the actual search terms or keywords that are preferred by their target audience. It’s what determines search engine ranking. However for this to be successful, high quality content is the required partner for SEO. Your goal is your content to be shareable, likeable, linkable and designed to be ranked. If you are juggling this role in-between your responsibilities as the company CEO or Director, high-quality content will be difficult to achieve. It’s better for a third party employee to oversee this.

Social SEO requires dedicated consistency

Social media is at the heart of society, with many people using this to complete their research instead of search engines. This is why social media and SEO is such a power couple: with them overlapping, social media can help bolster your SEO, get your content indexed and receive more audience traffic. Again, this is a full-on role and SEO outsourcing even a portion of this labour would allow you to spend more of your time to developing and improving more strategies and the overall picture of your company.

You’re employing someone who specialises in that field

Aside from the obvious key message that it lifts a fair amount of responsibility off your shoulders, you would also have someone who was specifically trained in the field of online marketing. This means that not only can they take care of SEO updates and maintaining your online presence, but they can also take care of any analytical tracking or misendeavors. Web analytics are essentially easy to use and can provide live data on traffic and content trends. By employing someone to take care of this, they can look over tracking codes, any misconfigured analysis, business-relevant metrics and blind spots in data due to coding oversights.


Outsourcing IT Services

Company budget can often conflict with this need to recruit a third party company. A popular trend and option for many global companies is doing outsourcing business with BPOs in the Philippines. Skeptical? Here are some reasons why SEO outsourcing to the Philippines is not such a bad idea:



It’s cost effective

Philippines is famously known for their cheap labour, resulting in many multi-billion dollar companies to outsource their staff from there to reduce employment costs such as Google or HSBC.  The salary of an SEO expert in the Philippines is around $20k per year; a stark contrast compared to an expert in Australia who will demand a salary of $100k+ per year.

Philippines is known for their hard-working attitude

Not only are you saving money on labour, but you are also investing in people who are globally known for their strong work ethic. Although you still need to carefully research as to whom you want to employ, you can be given a guarantee that your deadlines will be met accordingly and received work will be of high standard.

English proficiency is a given.

Overall, the Philippines are renowned for being the leading country from the East-Asian region with advanced skills in spoken English. This poses a significant advantage as it means there will be negligible communication barriers, resulting in favourable performance and productivity.

Remote Staff


If you’re new to this concept, it’s crucial to do the right research and know what you’re looking for in a prospective provider. Offshoring your labour is still something that you pay for, so you need to make sure you’re not being scammed for your money and that you’re getting the quality you deserve to receive.

Know your SEO Service Providers

The first step when it comes to SEO outsourcing is familiarising yourself with the different types of SEO that currently exists in the Philippine market. The current crop of the market are mostly survivors, the rest are either new or trying to break into the industry again. These survivors can be classified into the following categories:

  • The White Hats: These providers come with a variety of high skills in data analysis and content strategy. They’re educated in marketing lingo, safe marketing tactics and essentially deliver quality work. In essence, these providers are what you are hoping to find.
  • The Borderline Black Hats: Their understanding of SEO is sound enough but don’t necessarily perform to the highest standard when it comes to content building. Pre-approving their content before publishing is advisable.
  • The Black Hats: Their main methods of SEO rankings are injections, hacking and various other illegal tactics to rank. Their services are very expensive, usually rare to find and you run the risk of losing your business domain by employing them.
  • The Low Quality Spammers: These providers only have money as their main incentive and have limited understanding in what they are required to do. Their approaches usually revolve around manually posting comments, spamming and spinning your content.


Know what you’re looking for

Your priority should essentially be the safety and prosperity of the company. Thus, your choice as to which type of SEO outsourcing company is crucial, and it is vital you do thorough research to make sure your business is in reliable hands. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with SEO content so you know what you’re looking for instead of relying on reviews which run the risk of being biased information. Furthermore, there are also a variety of different SEO outsourcing company labels who each have a different focus, so it’s beneficial to know what sort of work you’re looking for:

  • SEO company: focus on on-page and SEO link building
  • Link Building company: Focus on link buiding and sell their services by unit or having specific pricing per link type
  • SEO Auditing: mainly audit your content, links and on-page SEO
  • Content marketing: still under the SEO company umbrella but heavily focus on content research, creation and distribution to raise brand awareness.
  • Digital Marketing Company: works on SEO, social media, email marketing, SMS, blogging, copywriting, podcasting, app marketing, media buying and other forms of digital distribution
  • Internet Marketing Company: similar to digital marketing but more focused on the core marketing strategies   such as email marketing and social media marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Company: same as a digitual marketing company. Inbound agencies use this label to let people know they make sure of different inbound marketing techniques.


Run your selection carefully

Do your research. Asking about their processes, methodology and work examples will help determine if they are suited for your company. Because you’re offshoring your work, you won’t be physically present to manage their work, making it imperative that they are a suitable candidate that you can trust with your projects.

Communicate your situation and needs concisely

Once you’ve employed the perfect SEO outsourcing company, be ready to thoroughly explain your situation or project carefully. Have important documentation and templates complied in advance to send to them immediately after employment agreement. Let them know of your goals, expectations and needs for the project or campaign. Make sure that these are realistic and won’t put your provider under undue pressure, which could essentially backfire and result in poor SEO content.

Don’t micromanage but stay organised

The purpose of SEO outsourcing so you can focus your energy on tasks that are more important as a business owner. This means that for the most part, it’s not something to significantly think about. However, it’s still imperative that you stay ontop of your employees and make sure they stay on task and meet deadlines. Organising regular progress meetings and request reports will ensure that there is no need for constant reminder emails and that your providers have a prospective date scheduled to display what the situation looks like on their end.




Money is still money

Regardless of how cheap the labour is in the Philippines, it’s still valuable money that you are spending, and you want to make sure it’s being financed towards an outsourcing business company that will benefit you the most. There’s nothing worse than poor researching leading to a regrettable employment of a SEO outsourcing company that fails to produce premium results.

Time is precious

Time is something that you can never get back, so it’s an advisable idea to not waste it. This is why communication is so important: if your needs are not communicated in an effective and efficient manner, it can lead to poor results in the end due to lack of mutual understanding, which not only wastes time, but it also wastes money and effort.

Risk of a Google penalty

If you end up employing a dodgy SEO outsourcing provider whos methods are less than ideal (or legal) then it could evidently result in your entire website completely deindexed. This means the loss of your money, your time, your traffic income and your hard earned work. Careful research will make sure you’re well aware of what’s at stake and what sort of providers you need to avoid.


IT Outsourcing

Some of the Outsourced Team in the Philippines for Web Application Development


Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc. is a leading IT Outsourcing company that provides a highly qualified Remote Staff in the Philippines. We are owned by an Award Winning Digital Agency in Australia and we are proud to have over 15 years of experience within the SEO and digital marketing industry -having delivered projects for some of the world’s leading organisations.

Reputable and reliable, we aim to exceed your expectations and supply premium services to allow your company to flourish in the online sector. Our prices are almost highly competitive and negotiable, which is something to consider when it comes to cost effectiveness and company budget.

For more information on our Outsourcing IT Services and how to get started with us – or if you have any more questions regarding SEO outsourcing, please contact us today.

Outsourcing advantages: Increasing company productivity

June 30, 2015

Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by ˜outsourcing’ or transferring labour to an outside supplier or provider. If used properly, it can be a highly cost-effective strategy due to the fact that it can be comparatively more affordable to source work or supplies externally, especially via overseas offshoring.  This can be an incredible advantage to Information Technology companies, mainly due to the most significant benefit: the availability of abundant IT resource. The fact that IT is a universal code allows outsourcing to be an unlimited strategy.

it outsourcing companies

However handing over business projects still comes with its risks and doubts, which is natural. Below are some questions answered and handy tips to help you combat these misperceptions, educate you on  outsourcing advantages and how to effectively work with an outsourced team.



Where do you outsource?

Choosing an outsourcing company’s location depends on your business reasons and industry. More often than not, outsourcing doesn’t have to be at a distant offshore city, with many global corporations choosing nearshore outsourcing to combat further cost reduction, cultural differences and workday overlap.  That said, countries where close collaboration with your provider is possible, which can present one of many  outsourcing advantages through similar time zones and cultural similarities is beneficial and can increase project productivity and management flow.

What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?

Outsourcing is the process of obtaining goods or services from an outside company. Offshoring refers to a company relocating some of their workload to an overseas location due to lower labour costs. Although similar in definitions, outsourcing does not exclusively mean offshoring – it could involve companies within the same continent or in countries only a short plane ride away.

Will I have a skilful team?

Just like a regular job application process, there are various factors and processes that need to be completed to ensure a successful team is hired. This is a prime factor when considering  outsourcing advantages, as your employee prospects are no longer limited to your own country. Starting off by researching your prospective provider’s background for relevant information such as experience, reference and certifications is a sure fire way of filtering your options.  Secondly looking closely at their management team will help you ascertain the individuals and how they work within projects together, as well as hosting conference calls to evaluate their interpersonal communication skills. Most importantly, it’s imperative that you research into the provider’s recruitment process and HR policies, especially in regards to employee retention and satisfaction. This determines whether your team members will have the motivation to last during work hours. By following these steps closely, there’s a positive chance you will be left with a high-quality outsourced team.

How will I communicate with my team? Will we be able to communicate?

In order for you to be on top of your business projects, regular monitoring and communication during working hours is essential. There are plenty of online tools that enable this which have little to no cost, such as Skype. By frequently communicating with another, this develops close collaboration and maximises productivity. English proficiency is thus very beneficial when it comes to selecting outsourcing providers. Usually employees being offered already have  proven to be proficient in spoken English – nonetheless this should be integrated into your recruitment process.

How do you manage your team and keep them motivated at a distance?

Another of many  outsourced advantages  is present through the fact that by employing a team, it requires minimal supervision and management at your end. However constant communication is key to a well-oiled team. By making sure your offshore staff feel apart of the mainland company and encouraging engagement between the two parties, it can not only increase motivation but also bring out creative solutions and innovative ideas. Various companies tend to remote staff to the outsourcing company to oversee the progress and maximise communications – despite this trend, it is not necessarily a requirement by any means. Contrarily it can affect productivity if there is tense communication or cultural differences involved. The most recommended method is just to personally meet the team face to face initially before undergoing project.

offshore staff

What work should I outsource?

Confused as to what work you should pass on? Cater to your business’ strengths and the skills your outsourced team can provide with premium service and little supervision. Outsourcing maintenance work is a popular choice due to time difference zones which enables offshore employees who are a couple of hours behind to cater to customers who may be calling from outside of your local business hours. This is an extremely beneficial  as it increases customer satisfaction, making it another addition to the list of outsourcing advantages.

What if I want to stop working with my provider?

Regardless of whether they are physically in your office or not, all your employees are entitled to the same basic workers rights, including being let go. Simply make sure that business relationship termination clauses are stipulated within your contract and allows you to do so with proper due notice.


It is vital that you are aware of the steps and implementations necessary to ensure that the benefits outweigh any difficulties and that your outsourcing advantages are maximised.  Here are a few tips to effectively utilise outsourcing using the three key relationships factors: trust, understanding and cooperation.

Outsourcing company


Although it is a popular saying that trust is earned and not given, a successful partnership is quite the opposite. Constantly giving someone the impression that there is limited trust present may discourage them and minimise productivity. This is why the recruitment process is so significant. If the time is taken to carefully select a provider with team members proven to be reliable, being able to trust the team to complete their workload with minimal micromanagement becomes easier. Regular team meetings are still encouraged, but it should realistically be the only time you question their progress.


The primary aspect to a successful management practice is transparency and patience. Not only do you need clarity and accuracy within your communication explanation, but you also need the ability to be patient with the people you are submitting the project to who may have an array of questions needing to be answered. It is important that you don’t let this irritate you. Questions are an indication that they aim to achieve a complete understanding of what you are after to minimise any blunders or miscommunication which could result in wasted time and effort later down the path. The sooner the questions appear, the sooner they can reach complete comprehension, which will evidently mean more accurate timelines and quicker implementations.


Teams work best when they work with you, not for you. Being able to communicate to your team members on a head level sends them the message that they shouldn’t shy away from approaching you at any given time. Weekly or fortnightly team meetings and progress reports ensures that a project is developing according to the plan and that goals and objectives are being met. It also provides opportunities for further questions to be asked and details to be clarified. Setting aside a constant time and day for this will make sure it is not accidentally missed and becomes habitual.

In addition, deadlines should be of a reasonable nature. A proper deadline should still retain a sense of urgency for completion without compromising quality.   Similarly, it shouldn’t be push too far into the future that it loses priority. Listening to your team members and gaining their opinion on the likelihood of strictly meeting the deadline certifies that there is no frustration if dates could not be met simply because of its improbability.

As one of the top IT outsourcing companies today, please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding outsourcing work which includes graphic design, seo, digital marketing, copywriting or outsourcing website developers or designers. Contact Outsourced today for more information.

How to increase employee productivity the easy way

June 8, 2015

employee productivity

When a company takes on a new staff member, they have certain expectations concerning employee productivity. It is not unreasonable to assume that if an employee is hired to work 30 hours per week that they will actually be productive for the entire 30 hours.

With worker productivity however, there is not a direct relationship between the number of hours a person is employed to work and the resulting outputs. Yes, the greater the number of hours an individual spends at work, the greater the expected outcomes, but these expectations are not always achieved.

Issues with performance management are not only a concern for in-house staff, but are also important when a company begins to explore remote staff work environments. This can either occur because the company is expanding and opening up smaller satellite offices around the country or in situations where employees spend a lot of time on the road or even working at home.

This problem with expectations surrounding employee productivity, in the main concerns situations where there is no robust supervision of their work. To be more specific, workers in controlled situations where they have to keep up with a  production line or the entire process screeches to a sudden halt, clearly have to maintain a certain level of productivity at all times.

Concerns with employee outputs, tend to be more focused within industries where this control does not exist and productivity is not so easy to measure, for example with office workers. It is easy to see that just because someone is sat at their desk, this does not mean that they are actually being productive.

So what can employers do to encourage employee productivity, particularly in remote work environments and office worker situations?

How taking breaks can enhance employee productivity

worker productivity

In the current financial climate there is now more than ever, a need for businesses to count every dollar and put in place strategies that help to streamline their operating and manufacturing processes, in an effort to gain an edge over the competition.

Recent research has indicated that business owners and managers are increasingly looking at performance management strategies to help elevate profits. Of course, reducing staff numbers is always an option, but increasing employee productivity can have a much more substantial effect on a company’s bottom line.

So short of demanding that all employees work harder, how can business owns and managers encourage greater worker output in the same number of hours? Even more importantly, how can they ensure that their  remote staff  increases their productivity, particularly when these workers lack supervision?

The movement towards online breaks

remote work

Well, we all know that taking annual leave refreshes employees, so that they return to work with a renewed sense of purpose. Weekend breaks also help to reinvigorate employees, as does the more recent exploration into remote work environments and flexible working hours.

Over the years, we have all seen a mountain of research that links workday breaks with increased employee productivity. This is nothing new and just about every employer provides adequate timeout for morning, afternoon and lunch time breaks during the working day.

The difference is that more recent research has indicated that online breaks can also increase worker productivity. This may come as a surprise to many business owners or managers, who go to great lengths to limit online browsing, checking Facebook or answering personal emails during work time.

How taking online breaks can boost employee productivity

employee productivity

Many employees feel the need to take a break during the working day, either because they feel overwhelmed by the amount or type of work they are performing or they are just plain frazzled. They don’t necessarily need to walk away from their work space, but they just need to take a break.

Whilst many companies frown on employees taking online breaks, being able to spend five or ten minutes checking in with family members or sorting out personal issues at home, can significantly reduce the amount of stress felt by staff at work.

Employees can even become bored with their work, particularly if it is monotonous. The diversion provided by online browsing or connecting with friends on social media, for only a short period of time, can restimulate their thought processes and return them refreshed to the task at hand.

Online activities that can help an employee to decompress, include listening to music, checking emails or social media accounts, paying bills and reading online articles.

The result of taking online breaks have been shown to be threefold. Many employees take a quick online break to check in on their children or other family members during the day. This does not take long and once reassured, the employee’s stress levels are reduced and they can more easily settle back down and complete their work.

Others take online breaks to further their education or to keep up with industry news. This can be an important part of an employee’s working day and can improve both their efficiency at work and their productivity. Lastly, employees who are able to take online breaks have been shown to have a greater level of satisfaction with their jobs, than those who are unable to do so.

Of course, there is the problem that if a free rein is given to employees to take online breaks that everyone will turn into cyber junkies and employee productivity will take a substantial hit.

As with every business activity there needs to be checks and balances, but in this day and age, it seems only reasonable to explore the efficacy of online breaks to increasing worker productivity, both in-house and in remote work environments.

How to incorporate online breaks to increase employee productivity

employee productivity

Whilst organisational activities are paramount, relaxing restrictions on accessing the internet for personal reasons during work hours, does have significant merit. After all, staff can just as easily surf the internet on their own personal mobile devices, which in itself might actually encourage more ubiquitous online activities, particularly if it is against company rules. Unproductive employees, do not always spend their time browsing their Facebook page or other social media accounts they can be equally unproductive for a variety of other reasons.

Another quite relevant consideration is that social media is rapidly becoming an acceptable medium in the business world and is included in many business marketing strategies. So not allowing your employees to access the internet or their own social media accounts during the working day, simply seems counterproductive.

So how can you include online breaks in the working day without negatively impacting on worker productivity, but instead, boosting or enhancing their output?

Take a step toward a more relaxed internet environment

remote work

Allowing employees to access the internet at work for personal reasons, obviously with some very important restrictions, has been shown to enhance worker productivity. You might be surprised at how employees can quickly refocus on their work, if they are allowed to maintain contact with their family, friends or associates online.

Checking in with family members or posting to their social media network, does not have to interfere with an employee completing their core business activities. Giving employees more freedom and trust, can quite often boost their productivity all on its own.

Relaxing internet restrictions and allowing staff to supervise their own internet access can give employees the freedom to locate many additional resources online, which can help to increase their efficiency at work or to complete their tasks in less time than usual.

People are very resourceful and employers might be quite surprised at what their staff can actually achieve with a less restrictive rein on their internet usage.

The truth is that if an employee is dragging their heels and not keeping up with their workload, surfing the net, more often than not, has nothing to do with the problem.

Maintain transparency and accountability

worker productivity

It is important that employees are aware that there are some restrictions on their internet usage at work and that internet usage will be monitored from a distance. This is less of the big brother syndrome, but more to protect the company and to collect statistics that can better inform performance management strategies in the future.

When managers or owners are upfront with their employees, then this embodies an air of accountability from both the employer and the employee. This is a much better environment within which to work, than one which is very regimented or restrictive.

One way to rein in any potential abuse of this internet freedom is to set goals or time frames on projects. Of course, this may already part of many organisational structures, but in cases where a business is lifting internet restrictions, then accountability needs to be emphasised.

If employees understand that so long as the company’s goals are achieved or projects are delivered on time and at a consistent quality, then online breaks will continue to be seen as enhancing employee productivity.

Remote work environments can just as easily move towards incorporating online breaks into the working day and of course, remote workers at home have always had unrestricted access to the internet and have still maintained their level of productivity.

In short, using the internet at work for personal reasons does not have to be the worst crime  imaginable, it can actually increase employee productivity and enhance satisfaction in their work.

What is outsourcing and what does this mean to your business?

What is outsourcing

What is outsourcing and what are the benefits of outsourcing for your business? Can this strategy really help your business to cut costs, whilst at the same time help grow your business and increase your profits?

Many business owners are unsure about outsourcing and veer away from integrating this strategy into the operating structure of their company. This is a shame however, because the benefits of outsourcing  or acquiring an offshore staff can be quite profound for both small and large businesses.

The BPO industry (business process outsourcing) is fast becoming a booming industry, but what exactly is the drawcard and is there really a positive payoff for business owners, if they embrace this strategy within their company?

The rapid growth in outsourcing companies

outsourcing companies

In today’s rapidly moving marketplace where every dollar counts, business owners, now more than ever, need to keep a tight rein on their budgets. Every additional employee can exert a huge drain on a company’s budget and resources, so any cost-cutting strategies, which also help to improve a business’s output is like a panacea from heaven.

Outsourcing is one of these strategies that helps a business to cut costs and improve their bottom line, because it allows an organisation to fulfil their obligations to their employees and to their clients, whilst at the same time, keeping their overheads under tight control.

This strategy has the potential to free up valuable time within a company, so that more emphasis can be placed on creating strategies not only for future growth, but also to help expansion into areas outside of their expertise.

Current research indicates that the global outsourcing market has grown rapidly since the year 2000 and is expected to continue to grow, well into the future. In fact, global revenue paid to outsourcing companies in 2000 was $45 billion, but by 2014 this had more than doubled to $104.6 billion – a clear indication that organisations are embracing this unique method of managing their business operations with gusto.

So what is outsourcing and can your business really benefit from the BPO industry?

What is outsourcing?

What is outsourcing

Outsourcing has had a number of negative connotations surrounding it, particularly over the past ten or twenty years, but recently this strategy has become much more popular and mainstream in the business world. Entrepreneurs in particular, have taken to outsourcing with relish, as it allows them to literally be a one-man (or woman) business and to grow their business using outside expertise, on an as-needed basis.

The whole point of outsourcing is to bring in outside specialists to take over functions that would otherwise be performed by employees (or not performed at all, due to a lack of expertise within the company). This BPO solutions has risen to the challenge and has made huge inroads in helping businesses to meet their obligations, whilst creating a very lucrative niche market for themselves.

When you really think about it, outsourcing is not a new concept and has in fact, been used for many years, it is just that it has never been considered to be ˜outsourcing’.

Another world for ˜outsourcing’ is ˜sub-contracting’, which is a much more familiar concept to business owners. For example, how many businesses subcontract transport companies to deliver their goods from the manufacturing plant to a retail store or a warehouse? How many businesses already engage an outside accountant, tax expert, web designer, IT management company or solicitor for their company?

Many companies now outsource their social media management, search engine optimisation, graphics and other multimedia designs, digital marketing needs and even email support and administrative services.

The majority of business owners would never consider actually employing these experts full time on their staff, they simply outsource or subcontract the work – without realising that they are already using, what are in reality, outsourcing companies.

So, if you need a definition of outsourcing, it can be considered to be where an organisation uses an external company to handle work normally performed by employees within that company.

Some other examples of very successful business activities, which are frequently outsourced, include payrolls, accounting services, staff training, technical support, customer support, call centres, procurements, manufacturing, supply chains, recruitment, computer programming, research and development, data entry, human resources and even creative design.

With an understanding of how a company can easily integrate outsourcing into a business structure, one of the obvious benefits of outsourcing is clearly in cutting costs. There are however, a number of other significant benefits to using this approach within any organisation.

Benefits of outsourcing for businesses in 2015

Benefits of outsourcing

All organisations are different, but each will have a core set of business activities that are very similar, regardless of their industry, but will also have many activities that are very specific to their own business or industry.

Outsourcing gives a company the ability to keep a tight rein on their overheads, whilst at the same time expanding and growing their business – not only in their core services or products, but also into complimentary areas or new and emerging markets.

So in general, there are six real world benefits of outsourcing, in the business world:

¢ To reduce capital costs: By releasing funds that would otherwise be allocated to staff wages, you can turn fixed costs into variable costs. This provides businesses with a huge opportunity to reallocate these funds to other areas of their business, such as revenue producing activities, which previously were out of reach.

Many new start-up businesses and entrepreneurs actually design their operating structure around outsourcing. This novel approach avoids the large capital expenditures needed in the early stages of creating a business and allows many new businesses to get off the ground, businesses, which previously would have been impossible unless there was an injection of considerable funds.

When you couple outsourcing of business activities with the rapid growth in cloud technology, you can understand how many new start-up companies can literally be up and running with little capital expenditure. Along with cloud technology, the BPO industry has virtually created a new platform for business growth.

¢ Reduced labour costs: To reduce costs, many businesses layoff staff, which has the added complication of reducing output and profits even further. The point is that subcontracting select business activities to outsourcing companies, whilst reducing funds spent on full-time human resources, also enables businesses to not only meet their obligations, but to also expand their operations.

Outsourcing also has the added benefit of enabling a company to engage in the services of a wide range of expertise, without the additional costs of funding a permanent, high-level salary. In addition, we all realise that business activities ebb and flow, meaning that staff can move from having little work on their hands one day, to being overwhelmed the next.

The ability to outsource work in busy times or to engage specialists as needed, provides a business with the flexibility to ramp up output in busy times, such as during holiday seasons or to take on new projects, all of which have a limited time frame, without tying up funds and resources.

¢ Increased efficiency: When work is outsourced, staff can focus on their own workloads without being stressed about the mountain of work building up or having to take on additional roles, for which they are little prepared and under-skilled.

Staff therefore, are less stressed and can work more efficiently at their own jobs and refocus their efforts on core business activities. The savings made, due to increased workload efficiencies, can either be passed on to customers or reallocated into other areas of the business.

¢ Engage expert help: Employing the skills of professionals or specialists, on a permanent basis, can eat a large hole in a company’s budget. The ability to outsource complex activities or services that need to be performed by experts to outsourcing companies, allows a business to upsell their own services to clients or to explore new and emerging markets.

For example, a company could engage an IT specialist who is experienced in coding to create a free app that helps customers to use their products more easily or complements a high end product. This type of work is just a one-time event and lends itself well to the BPO industry.

¢ Gain a competitive edge: Reducing costs, refocusing on core business activities and being able to meet the market when demand is high, all help to give businesses an edge over the competition. Organisations can position themselves for future growth much more easily, when their overheads are minimized and they have access to the necessary expertise when needed

Small businesses in particular, can gain a much needed step up by outsourcing, enabling them to offer the same services or products as larger competitors, but at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of outsourcing

With all of these real-world benefits that come from outsourcing a wide range of business activities to external business contractors, owners and managers rapidly move from asking ˜what is outsourcing’ to ˜how I can capitalise on the BPO industry in my company?’

It is fair to say that outsourcing companies are now part of an established and growing, global BPO industry. However, before hiring any individual or company on a permanent or limited basis, as with any business activity, it always pays to do your own research and due diligence.

The take home message concerning the benefits of outsourcing for businesses in 2015 is that this strategy increases the ability of a business to investigate new opportunities, whilst keeping costs contained. It opens up a whole new world for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to explore.

Business Process Outsourcing, BPO Philippines

April 29, 2015

Are you looking for Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines? You have come to the right place.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is growing rapidly in the Philippines. BPO is the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business task, such as web development, to a third-party service provider. Outsourced is a leading BPO in the Philippines providing dedicated remote staff and offshore staff services.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006, led by the demand for lower labor costs, a highly skilled and educated workforce, and excellent English proficiency.


Outsourced provides BPO services to international companies predominantly from Australia, the USA and UK and is recognised and respected as a premium provider of Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines. Outsourced is an official member of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) which is the umbrella organisation for the fastest-growing industry in the Philippines – offshoring and outsourcing.

If you are looking for quality Business Process Outsourcing staffing solutions in the Philippines simply contact us.

How offshoring to the Philippines can have a positive effect on local employment

March 23, 2015

In  a recent paper “Does offshoring reduce industry employment?” it was found that  offshoring has no effect or a slight positive effect on local employment.  

It may be surprising for some, but cost cutting is often not the main driver for offshoring. Almost two-thirds of recent survey respondents said their primary objective was to expand their overall team.  Reports have shown that nearly 80% of businesses using offshore resources had  retained or increased  their local staff (with the average increase in their domestic workforce of more than 200%).


Offshore outsourcing is fueling business growth for SMEs and leading them to invest more in their onshore and offshore staff. Leading companies are focusing less on the cost savings alone from offshoring and focusing more on the total service improvements possible by growing an offshore staff. These service improvements allow them to increase sales, grow as a company and also increase their domestic workforce.

By using affordable staff offshore companies are able to reinvest the savings to grow other divisions of their business. Actually the large productivity gains and increased sales as a result of offshoring are creating new local jobs which are  completely offsetting the jobs lost  from the original offshoring.

To learn more about offshoring to the philippines simply contact us.



Outsourced provides Exceptional Offshore Staffing services in the Philippines

January 14, 2015


Our mission is to help our clients build successful and profitable  businesses. Our team is driven by a passion for being exceptional and providing an uncompromising  commitment to quality. Outsourced provides Exceptional Offshore Staffing services in the Philippines and our staff are  the best of the best.


Our aim is to be internationally acknowledged for delivering the highest quality offshore staffing  services.


We hire smart and determined professionals, and we favor ability over experience. Outsourced  maintains an open culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing  ideas and opinions. Our Directors and Managers are friendly and approachable with an open door policy  creating a hub of the most talented professionals in the Philippines.


– To be exceptional

– To deliver the highest quality

– To be polite and respectful

– To be the benchmark

– To enjoy what we do

To utilise our exceptional offshore staffing services  in the Philippines simply contact us.

17 Secrets to Boost Business Profitability Through Outsourcing

December 12, 2014

Outsourcing is fast becoming the new global business model. And the main reason is cost. It’s the harsh reality of the current economic environment that has companies looking for new, more efficient ways to do business. If you’re seriously considering to partner with a Business Process Outsourcing company, then it would be good to check out the following guidelines. We’ve come up with 17 powerful secrets behind successful outsourcing.

outsourced philippines

outsourcing philippines

1. Outsource so you can streamline your processes and focus on your core business tasks. There are tasks every company has to do every day. Tasks that take time and that may be draining your on-site staff who really should be doing far more important things. The time you currently spend on mundane tasks would be better spent developing the core of your business. Outsourcing can take that load off your shoulders.

2. As a business owner, avoid doing it all by yourself. When you’re starting a new company, doing it all yourself is natural, but as you grow you need to hire competent staff to do the work or the company will suffer. So will you. Whether you hire permanent full-time, on-site staff or choose to have a remote staff  from an outsourcing company, you need to hire the right people. People who will do the work as well as you, if not better.

3. Outsource your back office tasks to a virtual team. Those daily, mundane tasks are usually ones done by back room staff. Staff your clients never see. So why pay rent for office space to house them? Outsourcing can provide you with the same quality staff and save you money on rent, employee benefits, bonuses and having to deal with nasty office politics.

4. Use technology to collaborate with an offshore staff. Technology is great, use it. That’s what it’s there for. Your staff may be scattered over the globe but keeping in touch with them is easy, and economical. You can interface with your staff via Skype, Email, Dropbox and other platforms and it will cost no more than your basic internet connection fee.

bpo philippines

philippines outsourcing

5. Extend your company offshore by hiring a team of professionals. There is no reason why your company has to rent or buy office space to house your staff. But not having office space doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional team. And just because your employees are in foreign countries doesn’t mean they won’t be professional or at the top of their game either.

6. Know the right time to outsource. This is vital. Don’t outsource until you know exactly which tasks your company really needs to handover to a virtual team. If you outsource too late you risk having to retrench permanent, on-site staff who won’t be happy about that at all. Here at Outsourced, we can help you make the transition at the right time.

7. Gradually scale upwards. Growing too quickly is often the death knell to companies. Without the infrastructure to handle the expansion the company will collapse. The same could be said about outsourcing. Take the time to find the perfect outsourcing company or freelancer that best fits with your business. One that provides you with the service you’re looking for. When you’re happy with that, outsource tasks one at a time. Don’t flood the freelancer with work too quickly until you’ve ascertained that they can handle the pressure and the deadlines and still produce the quality of work you’re expecting.

8. Decide carefully which business processes to outsource. This goes hand-in-hand with not doing all the work yourself. Time spent assessing which tasks to outsource and which to keep in-house will be time well spent. There are some tasks that a virtual team can handle easily, but there are others that should and must be handled by yourself or your on-site staff. Here at Outsourced we can help you make those assessments.

outsource philippines

outsourced philippines

9. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Only a boss who knows both of these equally well, and how to work with them or around them, will succeed. When outsourcing, find the right BPO solutions company or freelancer that can complement your strengths or bolster up your company’s weaknesses. Aim to have a well-rounded organisation. Staff shouldn’t just be clones of yourself. You need staff to complement your business and fill the gaps.

10. Outsource tasks that require special knowledge and consumes a lot of time. There are some tasks that take a great deal of time in terms of research. Staff who can do that accurately or have the specialist knowledge to complete the task are expensive to hire as full-time, on-site employees. But when you hire offshore staff it means you can still hire the same person, or a person very similar, but at a more reasonable hourly rate for a specified time only.

11. Find the right partner or outsourcing company. If you decide that outsourcing is the way forward for your company, take the time to find the right partner. Don’t be guided purely by cost. There are a lot of sharks out there. Don’t be naïve. Investigate their company, their CV, check up on them and contact their clients. Yes, you want the best price, but most of all you need the best partner. One who can, for the right price, deliver a perfect product, on time, every time.

12. Know exactly what you are looking for in a remote expert. We can’t stress how important this step is. Just as with permanent, on-site staff you need to make sure the person or company you’re hiring is the right fit for your company, the work you do and the standard you require. If you wouldn’t hire them when they were standing in front of you, don’t hire them over the internet.

13. Communicate clear expectations. Clear communication is an important part of the work place, whether that place is a fixed, geographical location or if it’s a virtual one. Make sure the outsourcing company or freelancer knows exactly what you want, how you want it delivered and what the deadline is. Your clients won’t appreciate it if the job is done incorrectly.

14. Anticipate cost and determine ROI (Return on Investment). Using an outsourcing company or freelancer is as much of an investment as hiring permanent, on-site staff. In these tough economic times people are desperate and will promise you whatever they think you want to hear. If you’re not using a reputable outsourcing firm like Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc., it may take you some time, and money, to find people that can actually deliver what they promise. Although one of the main reasons companies are turning to outsourcing is cost, there is one golden rule you should never forget – you get what you pay for!

15. Overcome language barriers. Generally speaking, outsourcing isn’t done on home soil. Traditionally, work was outsourced to countries where English is not an official language. Language barriers are the prime reason why clear communication is essential. So much can get lost in translation. Culture may also play an important part in how things are perceived and actioned. Make sure that your communication is clear, understood and precise. The joy of working with Outsourced Philippines is that English is our official language.

16. Overcome time zone differences. Although tricky, time differences can be easily overcome. Even a 12 hour difference isn’t too much of a hassle. It does mean that any concept you might have of working a 9 – 5 job will be blown out the water, but with Skype, Email and a bit of understanding different time zones are still workable. One thing you should always bear in mind though is deadlines and how time zones affect the delivery of work. If it’s Tuesday in Manila, it’s still Monday in Johannesburg and Sunday in Los Angeles. It’s very important to take this into consideration when discussing a deadline with your client.

it outsourcing

outsourced it services

17. Learn to relinquish some control to your outsourced staff. This applies to any boss, in any organisation, whether it’s dealing with permanent, on-site staff or virtual offshore staff. You need to have the team spirit because can’t do it all yourself. But be wise. There are some things you must never relinquish control over – like your banking details and permissions.

Now that you have the foundations of outsourcing and you think this might be perfect for your company, contact us and let’s chat about how we can help you.

Outsourced is a leading  BPO Philippines  company that offers  exceptional  outsourcing IT services. By providing  a dedicated remote staff that offers high quality  Outsourced IT Services  for businesses worldwide, we ensure our clients that we find and place a highly professional staff  that  exceeds your expectations by consistently delivering great results.

3 Tips to Make Offshore Staffing in the Philippines a Success

December 8, 2014

1. Communication Is Key

Regular communication with your offshore staff will result in better outcomes. We recommend our clients have daily meetings with their staff to ensure open communication about the status of current tasks. This status update allows you to keep track of progress, become aware of potential challenges and coordinate efforts to resolve difficult or time consuming issues.

outsourcing communication

Following agile management processes, meetings are best kept short and to the point. Less than 15 minutes should be adequate. Three key points to discuss are:

1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
2. What will you do today?
3. Are there any obstacles impeding your progress?

Video calls with your offshore staff are free and simple. Outsourced staff are provided with high quality headsets and have access to the best technologies to ensure there are no limits to your communication with them.

2. Give Them Training

bpo training

We have witnessed first-hand a plethora of clients who make offshore staffing  in the Philippines a huge success. We have also seen a handful of others who throw their staff in the deep end and hope they can swim. Without a doubt, those who invest time in staff training reap the rewards of a more effective team.

All our clients are welcome and encouraged to visit our offices in the Philippines and to sit with their staff during the training phase. This could be a few days or several weeks, depending on your training program. Some clients even treat staff with flights to their country, which is a life-changing experience for most Filipino’s who typically never have the luxury or opportunity to leave the Philippines.

If you don’t have the funds or time to see them in person, technologies like Skype allow you to have a virtual meeting with them. Just ensure you dedicate some time, especially in their first weeks (and ongoing) to training as you would with your local staff.

3. Make them part of the team

bpo team

Your Outsourced staff are 100% dedicated to you and your company. Every day when they start they will report directly to you and live and breathe your brand. To get the best out of your Outsourced staff, it is important to treat them as a full time member of your team and not as a detached offshore contractor. Ways to do this include providing them with an @yourbusiness email address, inviting them to team meetings, including them in company announcements and sending them your branded shirts and pens – trust me, they will wear them with pride!

Your Outsourced staff in the Philippines will be loyal and proud members of your international organisation. They are part of your global team and it’s beneficial to make them feel appreciated and involved.

For more information or to start your own team in the philippines simply contact us.

Philippines Offshoring – Reasons To Hire Remote Staff from the Philippines

October 24, 2014

In any kind of business, there are two major factors that could spell the difference between failure or success. The first is cost, and the second is quality. Managing cost while maintaining or increasing quality can be a very tough challenge. Outsourcing, also known as offshoring, is one of the best solutions available to business owners who want to become more cost-effective without sacrificing quality. Through this process, companies can provide a top quality service to their clients while keeping their expenses at bay.

remote staff philippines

There are three main benefits of outsourcing:

  • Cost saving for businesses. Overhead costs can be lowered significantly by hiring remote staff.
  • Outsource technical and support tasks so you can focus on management and marketing
  • Hire dedicated specialists who can be an extension of your on-site team

Why The Philippines?  

When it comes to offshoring, business owners have found many advantages in choosing the Philippines as an ideal location to hire their remote staff. World class companies in various industries follow this business model, and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world (in terms of English speaking population). This level of language proficiency translates into smooth working communication with minimum to zero barriers.
  2. The Philippines every year there are thousands of fresh college graduates particularly in the IT, technology, marketing and administrative field. There are also seasoned workers who have the experience to take charge of teams or manage end-to-end projects. This presents a huge opportunity for foreign businesses to utilize this endless pool of talent.
  3. The Philippines is conducive to the outsourcing industry. The culture is hospitable, and the country welcomes foreign business investors with open arms. This is because business process outsourcing (BPO) contributes a great deal to the country’s yearly gross domestic product. Offshoring is a win-win for both the business investors and the locals who are working in the Philippine BPO field.

How to Get Started With Outsourcing

Setting up your own physical office and business operation in the Philippines takes a lot of legwork. However, you can skip all the hassle by simply working with an “offshoring provider.  Outsourced.ph does the hiring of your Philippine remote staff on your behalf. They then assign your staff to work in one of their business class advanced  offices in Manila’s prime locations. You have access to your remote team on a full time basis through teleconference and your preferred project management tools.

Aside from providing the office space, Outsourced also spares no expense in giving your remote staff everything they need to perform quality work for you. Tools and amenities like cutting edge computer equipment, fast internet, video conferencing tools, pantry and coffee – are all provided to your staff, so they can focus on fulfilling your business needs. Outsourced.ph also manages the payroll, HR support, daily time records, and local government compliance of your employees.

Working with Outsourced is the ultimate “shortcut and quality assurance approach to achieving your offshoring business requirements and hiring a dedicated remote staff without going through the hassle. Simply contact us for more details about our offshore staffing services.

BPO Philippines – Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

September 16, 2014

philippines business process outsourcingBusiness process outsourcing in the Philippines has been one of the fastest growing markets in the past decade. What’s fascinating, however, is that it continues to grow and exceed expectations even today.

In 2014 alone, the Philippines business process outsourcing industry grew by as much as 22% in terms of revenue (according to Philstar). For the foreign business owner, this growth only means one thing: the Philippines is a great source of talented individuals to outsource vital business activities to. There are human resources for practically every field, especially IT, web development, customer service, SEO and admin support.

Because of the tremendous cost-saving and quality of outsourced work output in the Philippines, more and more companies from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and many others choose to outsource to the Philippines. If you or your company has not yet tapped into the potential of Philippines business process outsourcing, now may be the best time.

The BPO Philippines industry enjoys many distinct advantages such as an almost unlimited supply of fresh new talent every year. There are practically hundreds of thousands of fresh new college graduates annually, and many talented individuals choose to enter the BPO industry.

With the help of a local outsourcing company who knows the Philippine landscape, you can easily locate the right people to work remotely for your team.  Outsourced.ph is one of the leading and fastest growing outsourcing/offshore staffing companies in the Philippines right now. Our main objective is to help companies find highly skilled professionals in the Philippines to become offshore workers for your company. It’s like extending your team beyond national borders and having a dedicated and talented staff who works for you remotely, all while enjoying cost advantages at the same time.

Simply contact us now and let us know about your offshore staffing requirements and we will be happy to assist you with your unique business needs.

Offshore Staffing, Remote Staff Leasing Philippines

August 7, 2014

Outsourced provides quality full time Remote Staff Leasing services in the Philippines. Your quality Remote Staff report to you daily from our advanced offices in the Philippines and are 100% dedicated to your business.

staff leasing

Outsourced provides Offshore Staffing services which provide your Remote Staff with the best facilities, equipment and support to ensure they can deliver the highest quality results to consistently exceed your expectations.

The Outsourced Support Team consists of Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Accounts, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management and Office Administration. Your Offshore Staffing Support Team is there to ensure your Remote Staff are working efficiently and delivering to your performance expectations and our quality standards.

Outsourced is committed to providing you with exceptional Remote Staff of the highest quality and to ensuring they stay for the long term.

As well as providing staff with a fantastic working environment, generous salaries and health cards (among other incentives) we also organise regular fun team events to ensure they are happy and feel rewarded for their hard work. This is all part of our Offshore Staffing services in the Philippines.

For more information on Remote Staff Leasing Philippines simply contact us.

IBPAP Member – Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing

July 31, 2014

Outsourced has successfully met all the requirements for becoming a member of the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). We are proud to have received our Certificate of Membership.

IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines

As a member of the Association Outsourced will uphold the high ethical standards that the IBPAP stands for – so as to make the Philippines the premier destination for business process outsourcing services.

We have been recognised as a leading Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (ITBPO) services company in the Philippines.

If you would like to learn more about our Philippines ITBPO company please simply contact us.

Philippines Remote Staff and Offshore Staffing

February 12, 2014

Outsourced was created due to the lack of outsourcing providers able to provide quality staffing. Outsourced delivers exceptional offshore staffing solutions and provides you with staff of the highest standards.

Outsourced is a leading Philippines Offshore Staffing company providing dedicated quality remote staff to companies around the globe.

By using our offshore staffing services your company will reduce internal overheads, distribute risk, improve efficiencies, reduce expenses and be enabled to scale quickly and easily.

The process is very simple.

First, we will discuss your requirements and identify the skills and expertise of the staff you need. Our recruitment consultants work closely with you to ensure your staffing requirements will be delivered.

We will then start the requirement process. We embrace our extensive candidate database and vast networks to find the most suitable and talented professionals in the Philippines. We panel access, test and verify the quality of staff before introduction to any client. We provide quality assurance and ensure exceptional staff placement every time.

Now that you’ve selected your team, they are 100% dedicated to your company and will report directly to you every business day from our advanced offices in the Philippines. You have direct access to your staff and you define the standards by which they work and the systems and processes they should follow. They are effectively an extension of your local team (just located remotely).

We manage all the paperwork and provide your staff with the best facilities and equipment. We have spared no expense to ensure your remote staff are comfortable and able to perform their work effectively and efficiently. Our spacious open plan offices are supported by advanced network infrastructure, fast internet, follow best IT practices, and your staff are provided with the best technology and equipment.

We provide ongoing HR services, organise exciting corporate events and provide incentives to ensure long term staff retention. We are dedicated to finding and securing exceptional staff and ensuring they will stay with you for years to come.

With outsourced housing and managing your remote staff we are able to help you grow your business effectively and affordably, there by giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Outsourced can help you offshore practically any type of job function, though we specialise in the placement of exceptional I.T staff, which includes roles such as:

– Web developers
– Software developers
– Online Marketers
– Quality Assurance Testers
– Technical Assistants
– Web & Graphic Designers
– Project Managers
– Technical Support
– Customer Service

We also cover a wide range of professional service and back office functions including;

– Telemarketing
– Accounting
– Data Processing
– HR
– Copywriting

Outsourced only employs the best staff, and is dedicated to quality assurance and delivering exceptional staffing solutions. This focus on quality has attracted some of the most talented staff in the Philippines and clients from all over the world. You now have the exciting opportunity to grow your business with Outsourced.

For more information on Outsourced and how we can help you grow your business contact us now.

Hire a Market Research Analyst in the Philippines

December 5, 2013

Outsourced is a professional offshore staffing company specialising in the placement of quality technical staff. If you are looking for a Market Research Analyst to complete tasks such as analysing market trends, research reporting, market research and data gathering then Outsourced can definitely assist.

With Outsourced your staff report directly to you full time daily from our advanced offices in Manila, Philippines. We only employ the best and provide exceptional offshore staffing solutions.

Your full time Research Analyst can prepare research publications, gather information and maintain databases and produce high quality market research.

For more information simply contact us now.

Hire a Data Management Analyst in the Philippines

Outsourced is a professional offshore staffing company specialising in the placement of quality technical staff. If you are looking for a Data Management Analyst to complete tasks such as database encoding, data mining, data research, data analysis and data quality improvement then Outsourced can definitely assist.

With Outsourced your staff report directly to you full time daily from our advanced offices in Manila, Philippines. We only employ the best and provide exceptional offshore staffing solutions.

Your full time data analyst can be responsible for tasks such a searching, procuring, processing, comprehending, synthesizing and transforming large quantities of information into meaningful data.

For more information simply contact us now.

Hire Joomla developers. Joomla Development in the Philippines

October 31, 2013

Joomla is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) which has been downloaded over 35 million times and is used by leading organisations such as the High Court of Australia, Barnes & Noble and Heathrow Airport. It is currently the second most used CMS in the world (after WordPress).

If you are looking for Joomla Developers in the Philippines then you have come to the right place. Outsourced allows you to hire Joomla Developers who will work full time for you from our office in Manila, Philippines. We place exceptional Joomla Web Developers who specialise in Joomla Development and who will provide exceptional code quality and service.

Joomla is written in PHP and stores data in a MySQL database. Outsourced can provide expert PHP/MySQL Developers who specialise in Joomla Development. We focus on placing web developers of the highest standards and provide exceptional offshore staffing solutions. For more information simply contact us.

Hire a Technical Assistant in the Philippines

September 16, 2013

We are often approached by companies looking to hire a Technical Assistant in the Philippines. As a specialist Technology Remote Staffing company we are able to find and place exceptional staff who will provide a range of technical assistant services to our clients. These services typically include tasks such as Content Management, Data Analysis, HTML/CSS updates, Analytics Reporting,  Photoshop/Image updates, Quality Assurance, Data cleansing, Online Marketing… and much more.

The Technical Assistants can assist by managing Open Source CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and also ecommerce platforms such as Magento. The Tech Assistants can perform a range of tasks from creating  and maintaining products, creating webforms, defining and producing exports, and identifying solutions within the platform to meet business needs.

If you are looking to  hire a Technical Assistant  in the Philippines, then look no further than Outsourced for  your offshore staffing requirements.  For more information simply contact us.

Hire a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

August 6, 2013

Quality assurance (QA) is a process designed to find and prevent errors through measurement, comparison and monitoring against quality standards. QA ensures that requirements for your web application or software are correctly fulfilled to the highest standards.

Do you need to hire a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester? If so, Outsourced specialises in providing QA Testers of the highest quality who will continue to exceed your expectations ongoing. Outsourced is a leading Philippines outsourcing company providing dedicated remote staff and quality offshore staffing services.

Outsourced is dedicated to delivering quality assurance so if you need to hire a Quality Assurance Tester there is no better placed organisation than “Outsourced Quality Assured Services ltd”, the company name confirms that.

For more information on how you can hire your own QA Tester in the Philippines simply contact us.

Hire a Dedicated Developer in the Philippines

June 10, 2013

Outsourced allows you to hire a Dedicated Full Time Developer in the Philippines. You can hire a full time magento developer or hire a full time wordpress developer. We can recruit web developers from any speciality based on the job description you provide us, including Dedicated PHP Developers, Dedicated JAVA Developers and Dedicated .NET Developers. Whatever your requirements we find and secure the best talent in the Philippines.

With Outsourced you can also create an offshore development team consisting of lead developer, project manager, developers and quality assurance testers.It is our mission to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients and to deliver exceptional quality code and service.

Whether you hire one dedicated full time developer or hire a team of developers you can be certain with Outsourced that you have selected a company that has quality assurance as its primary focus. You can also be certain that your dedicated remote staff are the best in the Philippines and that they will continue to deliver quality.

For more information on hiring a full time developer simply contact us.

Philippines Business Process Outsourcing

April 9, 2013

In 2010, the Philippines surpassed India as the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the world. BPO is the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (eg Web Development) to a third-party service provider.

When these Business Processes are Information Technology (IT) based, they are often referred to as Information Technology Enabled Service (ITES) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). So we get the acronym  ITES-BPO.

Our ITES-BPO  form a natural extension to your teams and you can utilise our skills and technology to improve your time-to-market and to meet your business requirements. Our commitment to productivity and quality is measurable and can be constantly monitored through performance indicators. It also benefits from ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement initiatives.

If you would like to learn more about our Philippines Business Process Outsourcing services simply contact us.

Remote Staff Philippines

March 18, 2013

Reduced expenses have always been the most popular Remote Staff advantage. Salaries in the Philippines are a fraction of those in the Western world, with the daily minimum wage set around $8 per day. By utilising our remote staff in the Philippines, Online Retailers have been saving hundreds of thousands per year in web development costs (when compared to using internal staff or a local digital agency). As well as the lower salaries, savings are also made with Remote Staff due to the reduced operational expenses in the Philippines.

The cost saving is obviously important, though we don’t like to focus on it solely. Our tagline is “Quality Assured” so we also like to highlight the other benefits of Philippines Remote Staff with Outsourced, such our Filipino professionals are, by nature, very hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality assurance. Our Filipino Remote Staff also come from a service-oriented culture that produces extremely polite employees with world-class customer service.

If you would like to learn more about Philippines Remote Staff simply contact us.

Offshoring Philippines

People can (and do) get easily confused with all the terminology; offshoring, outsourcing, remote staff, employee leasing, internal outsourcing, offshore staffing, co-employment, external outsourcing, captive outsourcing, hosted staff, offshore staff leasing, offshore outsourcing, etc.

So what is “Offshoring”? Offshoring is simply the relocation of a “business process” from one country to another. Philippines Offshoring is thus the process of employing staff in the Philippines (as an alternative to your home Country) to complete a business process (eg Web Development).

Demand for Philippines Offshoring services is growing at over 30% per year (faster than India). This is largely due to the Philippines being the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with a culture that is very compatible with Western society. Also Filipino professionals are very service-oriented and hard workers, and the Philippines has an advanced western university system (The Philippines graduates over 37,000 IT graduates annually from internationally recognised Universities).

The Philippines was actually named three times as the `Offshoring Destination of the Year` by UK body National Outsourcing Association.

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Offshore Staffing: Your Own Offshore Team in the Philippines

March 5, 2013



When finding the right employees and retaining them is difficult, setting up an offshore team in the Philippines can be the best solution. Offshore staffing to the Philippines enables our clients access to talented staff at a fraction of the cost of employing staff locally. Offshore Staff Leasing will provide you with a significant reduction in costs, increased operational flexibility with full retention of quality, and operational control.

When companies find it difficult to attract talent at an affordable rate that is where Outsourced comes in. Outsourced recruits and provides office facilities to the employees, though the staff report directly to the client company.

Offshore staffing is a business process that is more or less the same as hiring one or more employees domestically. The main difference is Outsourced will be responsible not only for the recruitment process but also the office housing and HR management once your offshore team starts working for you from our office in Manila, Philippines.

Outsourced will take your job description requirements and start looking for candidates who have the knowledge and skill set that you need. We are dedicated to finding the best staff and our tagline is “quality assured”. You can be involved in the screening process by giving your own tests or interviewing the candidates. You can also let us take care of the entire recruitment process with us.

You have complete control over your offshore team and they report directly to you every day. They are 100% dedicated to your brand.

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We find and retain qualified staff

There was a survey into the challenges HR executives are facing among 2,642 HR professionals from 8 European countries, China and Australia. The HR professionals surveyed were asked to list the most important challenges, issues or problems they currently face. Overall, 33% mention “hiring qualified people/difficulties filling key employee positions, 27% “problems retaining qualified people and 24% “developing managers and employees with high potential.

So the 2 biggest challenges are “FINDING” and “RETAINING” qualified people. That is where Outsourced comes in. Outsourced is dedicated to finding you the most talented staff in the Philippines and ensuring they stay with you for the long term. Unlike a recruitment company we do not earn funds for placing and churning staff. In the contrary you only pay us for the days the staff work and we replace staff free of charge, so it’s in our best interest to ensure we find you the right staff from the get go. It is our goal and mission to deliver quality staff who will provide an ongoing commitment to your company.

We are not looking to place short-term staff, we are dedicated to finding staff that will be part of your team for years to come! Our service also includes ensuring the staff stay for the long run by providing funded team events, an excellent working environment, health cards for long service, employee rewards, open plan funky office space, fantastic facilities and the latest equipment, and much more.

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Google in the Philippines

Google officially launched the opening of the Google Philippines office in January 2013. The Philippines has been an important country for Google in the past, it’s the location that was chosen for the debut of Free Zone, it was a key early adopter of the Chrome browser ” which has been the most used on the Web since May 2012.

Julian Persaud, managing director of Google in Southeast Asia has said “The Philippines is a key country in Southeast Asia in terms of its digital economy and tech-savvy population. Over 33 million Filipinos access the internet regularly to study, shop, search for ideas, opportunities, create news businesses, and connect to each other. And internet use in the Philippines is set to grow exponentially. Research indicates that the number of Filipinos online will have nearly doubled by 2016.” He also stressed “We’re not here for short-term gain. We’re here in Manila for the long term”.

Manuel L. Quezon III, Undersecretary for Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning, who represented President Benigno Aquino III at the company’s launch said he is optimistic that Google Philippines’ presence would lead to innovations. Quezon said “As the President’s message says it is a vote of confidence in the country and in the growing potential. If the market is due to expand by a 100 percent within three years, that’s really an explosive growth,”.

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Magento Developers Philippines

February 14, 2013

Outsourced is the only Magento solution partner in the Philippines and specialises in leasing staff (from our office in Manila) to online retailers around the world who utilise the Magento ecommerce platform. Magento Solution Partners are design and eCommerce experts, but more importantly, they are Magento specialists who can help you achieve excellence in eCommerce. Outsourced offers experienced and certified  Magento Developers in the Philippines.

Magento offers flexible, feature-rich solutions that address a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets. Online stores using the Magento Community Edition to run their store need to have access to their own Magento experts, since Magento does not provide technical support for this software. Mid-large size online stores that need support, additional features and best performance should consider Magento Enterprise Edition. Whichever version (Community or Enterprise) you decide to go with we have Certified Magento Developers who have the experience to build and continually enhance your online store ongoing.

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happy client testimonials

extension of our company

"We have been so happy with the people they have brought on board we have decide to expand the operation. This is testament to the flexibility and determination of the Outsourced team who have been more like an extension of our company rather than a 3rd party."

incredibly helpful

"Outsourced have been an enormous support and very patient as we progress down the outsourcing path. They have integrated perfectly into our team and with all interactions with Outsourced staff we have found them to be incredibly helpful and accommodating."

high quality

"I want to stress that we have greatly appreciated the services of Outsourced, the service has been exemplary and the work high quality; the staff have been a pleasure to work with. We would like to retain an ongoing relationship with Outsourced."